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"Ten years of the sea step, Thanksgiving counterparts!"-- Sea medicine 2016 Shanghai CPHI exhibition successfully concluded

June 21, 2016 to 23, the sea step in medicine to participate in a period of three days of Shanghai CPHI exhibition, and achieved a complete success. Companies take full advantage of this opportunity to participate in the exhibition, and visitors to visit customers and peer exchanges, communication and negotiation, to further enhance the company's brand awareness and influence.
Borrow CPHI exhibition, sea step medicine coincides with the established ten anniversary, invited the pharmaceutical industry friends held to "step in the sea for ten years, Thanksgiving together" as the theme of the appreciation dinner, guests to visit from more than 40 pharmaceutical R & D, production, trade oriented enterprises leaders, experts and colleagues.
Banquet scene is from 50 to 90 in different guests, chemical Ph.D., research and development experts, the boss of pharmaceutical enterprises, trade and marketing elite. At that moment, we broke the boundaries of age and profession, and quickly established the trust, open their hearts, the place to say, the joy of the atmosphere spread ripple......
Sea step medicine for peer mentorship for many years of support and love, we will take a everyone's blessing, continue to work hard, and constantly go beyond, steadfast work report everyone's trust. Believe that the future will be better!

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