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Lacosamide Tablets

Product Name: Lacosamide Tablets
Dosage Forms: Tablet
Strengths: 50 mg, 100 mg
Mechanism of Action:
The precise mechanism by which lacosamide exerts its antiepileptic effects in humans remains to be fully elucidated. In vitro electrophysiological studies have shown that lacosamide selectively enhances slow inactivation of voltage-gated sodium channels, resulting in stabilization of hyperexcitable neuronal membranes and inhibition of repetitive neuronal firing.
It is indicated in patients 17 years and older with partial-onset seizures as monotherapy or adjunctive therapy.
Processing Number: CXHL1200280,CXHL1200281
Status: Has gotten the clinical trial permission (2015L01754, 2015L01755) in August, 2015.
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