Our Voice

Li peng, Director of R&D Management

Always endeavoring to do still better , one heart and one mind

Zhang Ruixing, Team Leader of Analytic team

We are all practitioner the world, we will grow up with various pains and tests. Wish we will get stronger every day.

Zhao Jie, specialist of Analytic team

Good friend make a wise life, good environment make a joy life, good partner make a happy life, good career make a successful life.

Ge Ming, specialist of Analytic team

Live as your wish, love your life. Happy live make life happy, enjoy your work them you will enjoy your life. The desired life is live as your dream.

Wang Xiaoyuan, specialist of Analytic team

Meet HOPELIFE is destiny, I spread the wishes and hope in snow, let them grow along with spring coming, harvest the result for a whole century.

Bu Yuebang, Team Leader of Analytic team

The HOPELIFE gives a warm family, good plant. I feed back by self improvement and development.

Gao Yunyun, R&D specialist of Preparation

There’s no shortcut on the way to success. To get the success, we have to face the difficulties, break the block, keep walking and adhere to the dreams.

Liu Baisheng, Specialist of synthesis

The environment will near beat me down; I will take the experiences, cherish the opportunities, love my job and enjoy my choice.

Wu Fengjuan, Sales department

We meet in HOPELIFE, share the joys and pains and fight together. The initial dream is reminding, grow with us. Let’s work hard together, success ourselves while HOPELIFE success.

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